Nate Diaz is seriously ramping up the beef with UFC president Dana White…

For all the great things Dana White has done for the sport of MMA, he can’t seem to help himself in interviews lately. Targets in the recent weeks have included former middleweight champion Anderson Silva, and also Nate Diaz.

Urging ‘The Spider’ to retire, White may have pushed out arguably the greatest champion of all time. As for Diaz, the UFC president slammed slammed the popular lightweight after his MMA Hour appearance.

Essentially saying his last 10 years of fighting meant nothing, White stated Diaz was ‘nothing’ without Conor McGregor.

Nate Diaz proving his worth at UFC 196 against Conor McGregor…Mandatory
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Interim Title Offer

White and Conor McGregor/Tony Ferguson’s manager have been talking about an interim title fight for Nate Diaz. They feel that Diaz needs to ‘prove his worth’ in a junior title fight against Ferguson.

Responding via, Diaz doesn’t beat round the bush, at all…

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Nate Diaz Blasts Back

“If you’re trying to pull me out of a normal life right now, I’m not doing it for a fake title at 155 pounds,” Diaz told ESPN. “I told them I’d take the fight at 165 pounds, no belt. I’m not interested in losing a bunch of weight for no reason.”

“We never talked after that,” Diaz said. “It’s really not a problem for me, though. You’re trying to call me out of my life. I didn’t call you begging for a fight. I’m fine with taking a fight, but I’m telling you what it’s going to take.”

Before we get to the juicy part of Diaz’s latest rant, check out White’s dismissal of Diaz’s popularity below:

Dana White, mandatory credit: John David Mercer USA Today Sports

“The kid isn’t in a position for pay-per-view or any of that type of [stuff].” White told Yahoo Sports. “But this [Ferguson fight] could put him in a position. If he fought Tony Ferguson, it would be for the interim title.

“Obviously, if you held the interim title, you would get a piece of the pay-per-view. Diaz has to put himself in a position to make the pay-per-view money.”

Here’s what Diaz thinks of Dana White’s interim title thoughts:

“Wolf Tickets”

“Titles are manipulation,” Diaz said. “Titles and rankings are a controlling method. They want you to think you need a title to feel like you’re worth anything. I think, if you’re worth something, you’re worth something.

“You start believing in that title theory, you’ll be chasing one forever and living delusional.”

“He’s making stuff up because that’s what he needs to do. He’s trying to get me to argue with him, but there’s no argument necessary. It’s cool. If I’m not worth s—, why am I all over the news with people trying to figure out what’s what, when I’m not fighting?”

“If they call me with a nonsense fight, my number is $20 million,” Diaz said. “You call me with a fight that won’t do me any good, you need to pay me $20 million just to hear that bulls—.

“I have a contract, but that’s only for when I want to fight. That’s how that works, right? Right now, I don’t want to fight nobody.”

Nate Diaz isn’t the only man growing frustrated with his employers. Luke ROckhold recently ripped the UFC and Dana White:

Luke Rockhold, former UFC middleweight champion, is currently engaged in a tense standoff with UFC president Dana White

Rocky Rips Dana

“I don’t know, man,” he told Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour when asked about his situation. “You can’t predict anything these days. So, [the UFC is] just chasing to pay off a debt really, is what they’re doing, trying to put these megafights together that don’t make sense. I don’t know. You never know what they’re going to do these days. Who knows.”

“If they’re not putting an interim title on the line, or if they’re not making Bisping fight a contender, I’m not fighting anybody,” he said. “And so should the rest of the division, too. What’s the point? Without me, Mousasi, Yoel, and Whittaker? I think everyone should just stand their ground, and say f*ck you. Put a title on the line or else, f*ck, you don’t even have a division.”

“I think everyone is already on strike, aren’t they?” he said. “We’re all waiting on a title. Whittaker’s down. I’ve voiced my opinion, and I think Mousasi should stand his ground too. I mean, without us you have no f*cking division. Make something happen.”

Dana White had a blunt and pretty negative response to Luke Rockhold’s complaints…

Dana Lashes Out at Rocky

“Listen, I was thinking about this when I talked to some of the media here yesterday: A lot of the guys are talking about deserve, deserve, nobody deserves anything. You have to earn it here, you know what I’m saying?” explained White during the post fight presser.

“These guys want to sit around, you got Rockhold screaming, “I deserve this…’ you got knocked out in the first round, you don’t deserve anything, you have to earn it and Maia earned it,” he added.”

And now Georges St-Pierre isn’t fighting for the title:

“Mr. Bisping, I cleared my schedule to get ready for training camp after the summer. So I can fight you anytime after October,” St-Pierre said. “You pick the date. Let’s get it on.”-The words from Georges St-Pierre that have led to the following, rather stern statement from Dana White:

“I made this ‘GSP’ fight – we did a press conference. The thing was supposed to happen in July. Michael Bisping is going to have to defend his title now. We’re not waiting for ‘GSP,’” White said. “Georges St-Pierre was coming back. Bisping-St Pierre – they both wanted that fight. We asked Yoel to step aside. He did. It doesn’t look like that fight is gonna happen now.

“(Romero) doesn’t need to voice his opinion on why he needs a title shot. He definitely deserves a title shot. He’s next in line – he’s the No.1 ranked guy in the world. We are moving on with the middleweight division, we won’t wait for Georges St-Pierre.”

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