Looks like Nick Diaz is working on a boxing comeback…

After losing a decision to Anderson Silva at UFC 183, it seemed Nick Diaz was in some trouble. Allegedly failing a drug test for Marijuana, and Silva for steroids, Diaz faced a potentially career-ending suspension.

Albeit because of a repeat offense, Diaz’s five-year ban from MMA was disgraceful. Receiving massive criticism for their actions, the Nevada commission eventually relented and reduced the ban to 18 months. Since ‘The Spider’ was on steroids, the loss was changed to a no-contest.

Scared Homie?

Now his ban is expired, fans of Nick Diaz have been waiting on the news of his return to the octagon. Reportedly turning down a fight with Robbie Lawler, its not yet clear if/when a UFC comeback will happen.

Recently a friend of Diaz’s old foe Georges St-Pierre fired some shots at the Gracie Jiu Jitsu black belt. Former unified light-heavyweight champion Jean Pascal was surprisingly damning in his assessment of Nick Diaz:

Pascal Slams Diaz

‘UFC fighters always saying they can fight, they can box, but I don’t see that,’ Pascal told TMZ. ‘Nick Diaz talk a lot of trash and he’s never had someone who can talk back to him like I can do.’

‘Yeah, but with boxing rules, because they claim they’re fighters, they claim they can box,’ he said. I’m pretty sure I can whoop his ass because I’m a fighter, I’m not a UFC wrestler.

‘I fight with my fists, we’re standing up with boxing rules. ‘Boxing is an art, why doesn’t Diaz come out of his redneck country and fight me in a real city like Montreal.’

‘Stop talking shit and let’s do it like real men. I’m pretty sure he’s going to stay quiet because he’s a coward, not a real man. He’s not a real fighter, he’s not a real soldier.’

Here is Nick Diaz’s response, posted to Twitter just hours ago:

Mandatory Credit: Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Why Not?

Although Conor McGregor is gunning for a big boxing debut, something tells me the UFC might be a little more hesitant with the Diaz brothers. Given the fact the promotion clearly plays favourites with ‘The Notorious,’ the Diaz bros might have to straight up breach their contracts to enter the squared ring.

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