Those betting on Alexander Volkanovski vs. The Korean Zombie at UFC 273 can now rejoice.

Players have little over a month until the main event to acquire the best UFC Fight Odds for Volkanovski vs. Zombie, whose actual name is Chan Sung Jung. On April 9th, the bout will take place at the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena, and it promises to be a belter.

For Volkanovski vs. The Korean Zombie, this article provides an analysis of the major bout and the UFC fight odds. After detailing the key points, the Volkanovski predictions and betting pick will reveal who will likely win UFC 273.

The Korean Zombie Odds vs. Alexander Volkanovski

  • -500 Alexander Volkanovski
  • +385 Chan Sung Jung

If you want to bet on Volkanovski vs. The Korean Zombie, you may do so at FanDuel. Volkanovski’s odds of beating The Zombie have been set at -500.

The current UFC featherweight champion appears to be improving with each bout, and he will continue to be a favorite among UFC bettors until that changes.

Meanwhile, a bet on The Korean Zombie to beat Volkanovski at FanDuel pays out at +385.

Volkanovski vs. Korean Zombie: A Tale of the Tape

Both men are formidable warriors, each with his own set of talents and flaws. Aspects of their physical makeup, experience, and other tools will all play a role in determining who wins this fight. However, understanding how these advantages and disadvantages will play out on the night is an integral part of this UFC 273 betting guide.

Volkanovski’s excellent all-around approach, accented by precision Muay Thai striking, will be looked to by those betting on him to win at UFC 273. That will be key in the fight against Chan Sung Jung. In September, he also demonstrated his BJJ, particularly his defensive jitters, against Brian Ortega at UFC 266.

The versatile Korean is considered one of the best hitters in the UFC, but he also possesses a frightening submission game. Although he last tapped a fighter in 2012, Dustin Poirier, he has only fought seven times since then due to his long absence from the Octagon.

Alexander Volkanovski UFC273 Profile

Key Takeaways

  • He has 20 fights unbeaten run
  • Gym: City Kickboxing/Tiger Muay Thai
  • Alexander’s most significant victory is against Max Holloway.
  • -500 are the odds of winning.

The odds for Alexander Volkanovski in UFC 273 laid the groundwork for much of the storyline leading up to this bout.

The Australian was supposed to fight Max Holloway in a three-fight series at UFC 272; however, he had to withdraw due to injury. Instead, he’ll face Jung, a very dangerous opponent.

There’s a lot to cheer about if you’re betting real money on Volkanovski. Not only has the New South Wales native established himself as the finest featherweight in the world, but he has also not been defeated in a professional bout since May 2013. That is the first time he has ever lost on the Australian regional circuit.

The Most Valuable Qualities of Volkanovski

The fluidity of Volkanovski’s approach is one of the qualities that makes him an excellent fighter.

In other words, his movement, positional awareness, and distance management guarantee that he gets the most out of his best qualities in a short amount of time. Again, what distinguishes Volkanovski as a unique fighter is his ability to bring all of these elements together under duress or with limited time.

The Great, a skilled Muay Thai fighter, prefers to chip away at the tree’s root rather than chopping it down in one fell swoop.

Those betting on Volkanovski to defeat The Korean Zombie at UFC 273 will likely look to back him on the cards, as he isn’t a power puncher or a stoppage artist in the traditional sense. His shot selection exudes calm assurance. Although he is exceptionally productive, one of the most impressive aspects of his performance is that he rarely chooses the wrong weapon.

Volkanovski is a great wrestler, and his takedown defense stats in the UFC are astounding. He’s now at 70% in this area, making him a difficult man to put to the ground. Most UFC 273 bettors, on the other hand, believe this fight will be fought on the ground.

The Korean Zombie Profile

Key Takeaways

  • MMA/Fight Ready Korean Zombie Gym
  • Winning Chances: +385
  • One fight unbeaten run
  • Jung’s most significant victory is against Dustin Poirier

Although there’s no way of knowing how many people are betting on The Korean Zombie to defeat Alexander Volkanovski, I’m sure he’ll have supporters.

For UFC 273, the Zombie has +385 odds. Is this a dig at Jung or simply a notice of the massive gap between the headline acts? If you check through the leading UFC betting apps, you’ll notice that most bookmakers believe Volkanovski is the man to back. Of course, this does not imply that The Zombie will show up to lose. On the contrary, he’ll enter the Octagon hoping to make money off the UFC 273 odds, which offer him a slim chance of winning.

The indicated probability of Volkanovski’s odds of -500 is 80 percent. That means the Australian would win eight of ten hypothetical fights if they fought them back-to-back. Chan Sung Jung’s odds for UFC 273 have a 25 percent likelihood.

So, how is he going to accomplish it? What strategy can the Zombie employ to take down Volkanovski? A boxer who, admittedly, appears to be quite close to being the total package.

Qualities of the Korean Zombie

Because of his ability to absorb huge shots while coming forward, the Seoul native earned his unusual cage name. Fans betting on UFC 273 may be wondering how this will play out because Volkanovski is also a pressure fighter.

Then there’s more. To defeat Volkanovski, The Zombie will have to bring his A-game. But, other than his ability to endure punishment — which some say isn’t as impressive as it once was — what style would suit Jung best?

Let’s look at his skill set and what he’s accomplished thus far.

  • Hapkido Black Belt (3rd Dan)
  • Taekwondo Black Belt (2nd Dan)
  • Black belt in Judo
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt

Of all, MMA is not a sport where one particular style can thrive without being worked out regularly. The name gives the game away. However, understanding a few of them individually is beneficial. And no one can deny that when these disparate disciplines are combined, they aren’t deadly.

Those willing to bet on the main event of UFC 273 will point to Volkanovski’s wrestling advantages. Surprisingly, the Zombie’s takedown defense, at 77 percent, is even superior to the Aussie’s. This, combined with his 47 percent takedown accuracy, shows that the Korean is capable of more than just all-out striking lunacy.

On balance, one could make a convincing case for betting on The Korean Zombie to defeat Volkanovski at UFC 273 to be a wise decision. Or, at the very least, why Chan Sung Jung’s odds have more monetary value.

Predictions and Pick for the Matchup

This bout has the potential for Chan Sung Jung to win. I don’t think Volkanovski will be able to stop him, which means the underdog has a better chance of pulling something out of the bag at some time.

Would it be surprising if the Zombie’s UFC 273 odds changed between now and fight night? Certainly not.

  • Alexander Volkanovski is the favorite to win.
  • Decision is the predicted method of victory.
  • Volkanovski by Decision is my betting pick (-115)
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