We all have a friend who gets like this, no wait, we don’t. This is messed up…

Well it’s back to the Chinese subway, again, for one of the most grizzly videos you will ever see. We’ve seen street fights turn ugly and bloody, even combat sports bouts that spin out of control, but today’s video was simply astounding.

It features what appears to be two men on a Chinese subway, reportedly fighting over a seat. The ensuing fight was simply too horrific for words, as you’ll witness for yourself. The older man can be seen biting chunks out of the teen’s arm as the grapple for the seat on the subway. Watch it on the player below:

[flowplayer id=”2892″]

A few questions regarding this video remain, such as why didn’t the load of passengers who were watching do anything sooner? Perhaps the thought of being covered in the boy’s blood was too disgusting.

But this isn’t the only case of a violent situation on a Chinese subway train that’s emerged recently. There was another fight that got recorded that captured the attention of the world. It was extremely shocking.



This video shows a real life (or at least he thinks so) ninja on the train in China. When a rowdy young thug starts talking trash and littering the subway, this mortal kombat character bursts in out of nowhere and things get ugly very fast.

Watch on the player below:

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How crazy was that? But it’s not over, we have more street fighting madness for you to treat your eyeballs to. Check out this situation, a disgruntled fast food customer decided to put in a complaint with the man that just served him food.

The problem is that the way the customer decided to do this was irresponsible and dangerous. He gets taught a very big lesson. Watch on the player below:

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