Is the super fight on? Check out Khabib’s response to GSP’s post below…

Georges St. Pierre is arguably the greatest UFC fighter of all time. He’s definitely the best welterweight. When you factor in his middleweight title too, you’d have to say he’s up there in the GOAT conversation. However, he still yearns to enhance his legacy by doing something that nobody else in the UFC has managed to achieve.

In short, the Quebec native would love to win a third UFC title. It seems unlikely that he’ll achieve that because he’s currently retired. The only possible belt that he could fight for to achieve that accolade would be the 155lb strap. That would mean a super fight with Khabib Nurmagamedov.

Khabib is desperate to take on the Canadian. Now that Conor McGregor is out of the picture, GSP is the biggest potential scalp he could fight. Sure, Tony Ferguson is most deserving. But this is combat sports. Business is business and money does the talking. Check out the Russian’s response to GSP’s latest post below.

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Lean Machine

From the image above you can see that ‘Rush’ is looking very trim – at least compared to when he fought Michael Bisping. He says that he’s water fasting, which definitely is the sort of crazy thing that he would do. We don’t know what his reasons are behind this but it definitely grabbed Khabib’s imagination.

The Russian immediately responded with a single word. He wrote: “155?” with fans jumping on the bandwagon straight. While UFC president Dana White has been cold on this potential clash before, he has noticeably warmed up about it recently.

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Done and Dusted

Unfortunately, Firas Zahabi believes that ship has sailed. The head coach of Tristar MMA believes that it’s too late for it to happen. However, he admitted that at one point St. Pierre definitely was interested in the fight and would have drained himself to get ready. To sum up, he just doesn’t think it’s possible anymore.

“Right now I think the ship has sailed on 155.  I don’t think Georges will ever do 155. I think there was a time and place and window where Georges would make that sacrifice to do a mega-fight. But I think that window’s passed, personally.”

While that does sound like an absolute buzzkill, it’s also worth mentioning that money talks. If the UFC throws enough cash at GSP to come back, then you can bet he’ll be interested. This is how the world works. Anyway, as long as Khabib fights Tony Ferguson then who cares what else happens?

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Mega Fight

If you don’t believe that money isn’t a motivating factor, check out what else Zahabi had to say. He said Conor McGregor would be an enticing name. The Irishman currently holds no titles, so the only reason to take him on would be to make a quick buck. Beating him isn’t going to improve your legacy anymore.

“I’m not talking for Georges,” Zahabi continued. “In my opinion he’ll only come back for a mega-fight. Like a mega-fight. No titles needed, either. Could be a title. I don’t think that’s really important to him. Like a mega-fight. Only those two names (Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor) that are the names big enough for him and enticing.”

To sum up, Zahabi is probably just trolling us. If St. Pierre wants to come back, he will. So keep your fingers crossed and Christmas might come early.

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