Pics: Conor McGregor & Eddie Alvarez Look SHREDDED For UFC 205

Attracting big attention ahead of UFC 205 are the main event title competitors Eddie Alvarez and Conor McGregor. Defending his belt for the first time on November 12, Alvarez hopes to shatter McGregor’s two-weight world title dreams.

Although McGregor’s 145-pound strap has not been defended yet, he could become the first champ in two weight classes at the same time. Standing in his way is the former Bellator boss who demolished Rafael dos Anjos to claim the UFC title.


Size Matters

Having competed at featherweight against much smaller opponents, McGregor recently fought twice as a welterweight. Heading back to his more natural weight at 155 pounds, will his physique look at lot tighter?

We know what to expect of Alvarez, but bear in mind he now has championship money to spend on his training camp too. As a result, recent photos of both men show they are in incredible shape.

Here’s McGregor’s most recent training image, uploaded to his Instagram account today:


Conor McGregor (November 6, 2016)

Looking far better and more ripped than he did at UFC 196-202, Conor McGregor also said recently his cardio has been much improved. How will Eddie Alvarez come in to UFC 205 then?

If this image posted to his Instagram account is anything to go by, Alvarez is packing on the mass in the hopes of cutting a fair amount before UFC 205. Will ‘The Silent Assassin’ hope to get a size advantage in terms of muscle?


Eddie Alvarez Looking STACKED!

Facing the taller fighter in McGregor, and arguably the more technical striker, many fans are wondering if Alvarez will become a wrestler at UFC 205. ‘The Notorious’ will always aim to stand and strike with his opponents.

The lightweight champ said before UFC 196 that he would take McGregor down and pound him on the mat if they ever fought. Now that’s happening, has the gameplan changed for the Philadelphia native?

Here’s a video of Eddie Alvarez training for UFC 205:

YouTube video

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