Mayweather has been keeping tabs on all things McGregor...

Will size play a massive factor in this bizarre yet fascinating fight?

Set to collide on August 26, boxing hall of famer and UFC champion will meet in a historical first. Some have dubbed it a circus, others believe it’s good for both boxing and MMA. Regardless of opinion, everybody is talking about Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor.

Even fans who only tune in to one mega-fight every couple of years are talking about MayMac. Truthfully there’s nothing to be made from this fight other than the handsome pay checks for each man.

Well, that’s assuming Mayweather easily defeats McGregor in the boxing ring. If you go by their physiques, McGregor is by far the bigger and more physical specemin.

McGregor released this image on Instagram this week to promote his fitness program…

McGregor Looks Jacked…

Size has always played a role in McGregor’s game. He enjoys the reach and height advantage in every bout during his MMA career, aside from the Nate Diaz double. He’s certainly taller and rangier than Mayweather, but the perceived skill gap is wide.

In terms of MMA, McGregor is without doubt a premium striker, but boxing is a different sport. Will ‘The Notorious’ use his size and strength to win against ‘Money?’ Check out the last time Floyd showed his physique:

Floyd Mayweather (left) pictured next to Andre Berto in his last professional outing…

McGregor is Very Aware of The Size Advantage

Having fought most of his at 145 pounds, McGregor has a similar experience in terms of weight classes but cuts a damn sight more to make it. Come fight night, there’s no doubt he’ll have a 20-pound weight advantage on Mayweather.

During this recent interview, McGregor said the size of Mayweather’s head gives a lot away about his ability to absorb a punch:

“He’s a small man. He’s in good shape, he’s right, the little bastard does look good for 40. He does look alright for a 40-year-old,” McGregor said. “Floyd is definitely not gonna take the shots, the legs, the body, the stability and the core, it doesn’t support him against this animal”

“His frame is just too small. He’s got a good jab, good lead hook, good check hook, good right hand, good pulls, good dips. In my opinion, his in and outs aren’t good, he’s flat, and against my style, he’ll find himself in trouble.”

McGregor pictured this week, looking in tremendous shape four weeks out…

“His Skull is Too Small”

“When I met Aldo – undefeated, pound for pound – I just looked at his head and it’s ‘I know you’re good, I know you’re this and you’re that, but you’re not gonna take the smacks off me.’ It took one shot to make him fall.”

“Floyd is definitely not gonna take the shots, the legs, the body, the stability and the core, it doesn’t support him against this animal. He is in over his head with this, he doesn’t know what he’s got himself into.”

“When I’m face to face with men I can tell from their facial structure. I’ve fought many men from all rule-sets, big Eastern European motherf***ers and I’m looking at their skull, and I know it’s going to take a few smacks to put this man away,” McGregor added.

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