PICS: Khabib Mauls Conor McGregor in Online Beef

The UFC lightweight title picture is suddenly opened up. Khabib Nurmagamedov is the undisputed champion but now Justin Gaethje has the interim belt. However, Conor McGregor is also following the situation closely. He sees an opportunity to claim the interim title from Gaethje and set up a Khabib rematch.

If you don’t think the UFC and Gaethje would be interested, then you’re wrong. McGregor is the organization’s biggest star and this is Gaethje’s most lucrative possible match-up. It would also boost his star power for the fight with Khabib if he claims McGregor’s scalp.

McGregor ranted on Twitter about Khabib. He tried to entice Gaethje into a fight. The Irishman wrote, “there is no danger in a man that hugs legs.” This prompted a back-and-forth between him and Khabib. But the Russian absolutely crushed him with a series of responses you can check out below.

Hug Legs

McGregor conveniently forgets how effective Khabib’s style was against him. The 28-0 Russian was quick to remind him. He wrote a savage response and made sure McGregor’s words came back to haunt him. It was a perfect display of online trash talk. The Eagle wrote:

“Hug legs? Have you forgot how I knock you down, or you typing tweets drunk? Beat you in striking, parts you up in wrestling, absolutely destroy you in grappling, Made you grab air with your hands, and at the end you gave up. last one, don’t forget your words ‘it’s only business.'”

Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Tweet and Delete

The pair has gone too far in the past. McGregor tweeted and deleted a picture of Khabib and his teammates in a bath together. You can probably tell why he took it down because it is a bit controversial. He went back in on the Dagestani’s religion. The Notorious doesn’t learn, does he? He wrote:

“What the f*ck is going on here? How can this country condemn/punish homosexuals, yet lock their wives and children away, and engage solely in this type of activity. Male only. It’s quite bizarre.”

Khabib wasn’t out yet. He finished McGregor off with the tweet you can see below. In short, it’s very difficult to successfully trash talk somebody you’ve lost to.

Fight Island

Meanwhile, it looks like whoever Gaethje fights, it will be on Fight Island. So far nobody knows where it is except for Dana White, however, Joe Rogan did give a hint. He said that it could be Richard Branson’s private island in the UK Virgin Islands but this isn’t confirmed yet. Furthermore, White told ESPN 1000 Chicago that he’s not sure if Gaethje will fight Khabib first.

“I don’t know if it will be the first one. But, it will be on Fight Island, unless miraculously the world comes back together faster than I think it’s gonna. Hopefully it will be done by mid-June, and I could put on a fight that weekend that it’s done or end of June.  Any time Conor McGregor is fighting, it’s exciting. But yeah, I’m very excited for Gaethje versus Khabib,” White said. “I think stylistically it’s a great matchup. I’m looking forward to it.”

In sum, we have to wait for Khabib to return from Russia and Ramadan. However, things are very exciting now. Who do you think will be the lightweight champion in six months?

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