Ever wonder why they call him ‘Cro Cop?’

Mirko Cro Cop Filipovic is one of the most well known fighters from the era of K-1 and Pride FC. Among his many accomplishments in the combat sports world are a few records that can never be broken.

He holds the most first round finishes in Pride history (15), he tied Wanderlei Silva for the most finishes (16), he also has the most finishes in Zuffa history (21). Cro Cop was the 2006 openweight Pride Grand Prix champion as well as the K-1 2012 Grand Prix champion.


Cro Cop became a sensation during his time fighting in Japan. He was a hit with fans due to his high ratio of knockouts. Filipovic’s favorite move was the high kick, specifically the left.

After leaving Pride in 2006, Cro Cop had a stellar 21-4-2 record. But why do they call him Cro Cop? Old school and hardcore fans will probably know that Filipovic was a member of the Croatian special police anti-terrorist unit.


Coratian cop, hence the name ‘Cro Cop.’ Aside from the general knowledge that Mirko Cro Cop was a special forces cop, not much more was ever really revealed about his time with the police unit in Croatia.

Well, we’ve been digging, and we found some GOLD footage for you Cro Cop fans…

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