Let us look back to a young and hungry Conor McGregor back when he just started his UFC run. Many already knew he was going to be a star despite just a few fights. It was his style of fighting, the way he talks on the mic, the way he carries himself outside the cage. You can watch the full fight below for free.

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Dana White told a story that when he met Conor McGregor, he already knew that it was a star in the making. If McGregor knows how to throw a punch, he will be massive star. That is how confident White was on McGregor’s star potential.

We relive the first fight of his rivalry with Dustin Poirier. Unlike the rematch where McGregor was respectful, he was a popular trash talker that gained a lot of attention. Like what he did to most of his opponents, He played mind games with Poirier.

Into the build-up there were a lot of golden moments between Poirier and McGregor. It was the vintage McGregor that made him famous. Despite not being the champion, McGregor already knew that he was the king of the division, his confidence was oozing all over and it was fun to watch. One of the reasons why UFC succeeded is because McGregor attracted a lot of casual fans.

YouTube video

Into the fight, despite being the lower ranked fighter and not facing the same level of competition that Poirier had, McGregor was a decent favorite mainly because his hype train was still running. A lot of Irish fans were there and crazy thing is not only Irish but McGregor fans in general. McGregor predicted a first round KO.

McGregor also throws a lot of kicks that just throws off his opponents. It was the first thing he threw as the ring bell. If you compare it to his second fight, it was different where he approached a more boxing focused style. It will interesting if McGregor somehow throws more kicks.

A great videos for those who have not seen was McGregor watching his fight with Poirier. He commended Poirier as a fighter and respects his abilities. One of the interesting points was how good he was in analyzing the fight and at the end of the day.

Conor McGregor commentates his fight with Dustin Poirier from MMA

Many miss this version of McGregor where was not yet the highest paid but rather making a rise. The featherweight run of McGregor was one of the greatest runs in UFC history, he never lost and even ended up being the featherweight champion. Will we the hungry McGregor once more or is he done with sport?

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