The undefeated young star, Ryan Garcia has posted in his official Instagram account that he hints of fighting Manny Pacquiao. He has said in past interviews that he wants Pacquiao to pass to torch to him as the next generation of boxer.

Will Manny Pacquiao accept Garcia’s offer or just fight another welterweight champion which is either Errol Spence Jr or Terence Crawford? There is no question that Pacquiao can fight whoever he wants and all opponents are the ones that want to fight him. A win against the Filipino boxing legend is a great asset to put on their resume.

It seems weird that Ryan Garcia is pursuing the Pacquiao fight since after his win against Luke Campbell, he wanted to fight Tank Davis. Both boxers seem to agreed that they have their contracts signed. Now Garcia is now focused on getting the Pacquiao fight instead. It may be a no-brainer since Pacquiao is huge name in Boxing.

There were a lot of promos cut after the Campbell fight, Garcia proclaimed that the fight against Tank Davis will end under 2 rounds. Meanwhile, Davis said that if he hits Garcia, he won’t be able to get up unlike his fight against Campbell.

Now Garcia wants to fight Pacquiao as he may think that the Filipino Boxer’s fights are counted and may retire soon. He has had one of the best legacies in boxing and what better way to fight him before hanging the gloves.

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Even though Pacman is old, he may still be the favorite coming to the fight. He is still the WBA Welterweight Champion and is coming a win against then undefeated champion, Keith Thurman.

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