There has never been a more maligned coach in MMA’s history than Edmond Tarverdyan. Leading up to Ronda Rousey’s bout with Holly Holm, Rousey’s mother went public with her concerns regarding him, and things just sort of snowballed from there.

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Shortly afterward, news that Edmond had filed for bankruptcy became public knowledge as well. During the bankruptcy hearings Tarverdyan reported his annual income as $0, this despite coaching Ronda Rousey at the time. Somehow he never managed to earn a cent from Ronda, which is probably for the best.

It wasn’t just Ronda’s career he ruined however; here are six people who had their lives turned upside down by Edmond:

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6. Jessamyn Duke

Member of Ronda Rousey’s “4 Horsewomen” team, Jessamyn Duke seemed to have a promising career ahead of her. She moved away from Kentucky and into a house with the other horsewomen and decided to make a go of a pro MMA career.

Despite being a purple belt with Eddie Bravo’s 10th Planet ┬áJiu-Jitsu, Duke also decided to start training with Edmond’s Glendale Fighting Club in 2013.

Her pro-career from 2012-13 yielded a 3W-0L-1NC record. After 1 year of taking Edmond’s advice she is winless. Her record post-2013 is 0W-5L. Great job Edmond! She is currently scheduled to fight again at Invicta 16.

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