4. Marina “The Supernova From Moldova” Shafir

The lesser known member of the 4-Horsewomen, Shafir looked as though she was going to have a promising MMA career. She was training with some of the top women fighters in the world, and had a 5W-0L amateur record.

Her career might remind you of someone else’s. She won all of her amateur bouts via armbar, then won her pro-debut that way as well. Then for some reason she thought trying to stand-up with her opponents was a better idea. She got KO’d twice in a row and now her career is probably over. Remind you of anyone else?

In her second fight she was KO’d by Amanda Bell in 37 seconds. Her next fight after that she was KO’d by Amber Leibrock again in just 37 seconds. She hasn’t fought since. It seems unlikely she will ever fight again.