Andrew Moloney fought to regain his WBA (Regular) super flyweight title during the Crawford-Brook card. He failed to regain his title fight against Franco because of the poor decision of the commission.

From the opening bell of the fight, Moloney was spamming jabs that made a swelling in Franco’s eyes. The swelling closed the eye of the boxer rendering his vision which in turn stopped the fight.  Although there was a clinch situation which the commission think was the cause of the eye swelling. They think it was due to an accidental clashing of heads.

It was further reviewed by the referee if the fight will be declared a TKO or No contest. It took them numerous replays and around 30 mins before making a conclusion. The fight was ruled as a No Decision which means Franco will retain his belt. No decision will act as if the fight did not happen.

Even the reporters and commentators are furious with the outcome that they called out the bad decision. It showed the corruption and stupidity of boxing. Timothy Bradley was one of the loud voices that called them out.

Top Rank Bob Arum was furious about the decision that he said he wants to leave the arena as soon as possible. Arum has been in the boxing game for a long time, and for him to say that it is one of the most disgusting things he has seen in boxing shows the level of incompetence of the commission.

The boxing world needs better judges, referees, and overall commission. Many boxers have been robbed of a fair win. The lives and career of the boxers lie in the hands of the decision. They should take not take it for granted. The tragedy is Moloney worked hard for it but due to a situation that is out of his control, he didn’t win.

Andrew Moloney said he will appeal to overturn the No-decision result in the Franco rematch but it is highly likely that it will not be successful. The commission rarely overturns the events especially if the cause of the mistake is theirs. Their ego is so big, that they won’t own up to their mistake.

Not only in boxing is that commission so corrupt, but also the fight with Rafael Dos Anjos and Paul Felder showed that the judges don’t have an idea how to score a fight. Dos Anjos dominated and won all 5 rounds but one judge gave the fight to Felder. Even Felder was shocked by the results. It is so frustrating to see judges getting away with it.

Judges have no other credentials other than judging past fights. Most of them don’t even know the sport. The best way for the sport to evolve is to have better judges. Judges who know the sport like retired fighters or commentators.  If this is some normal job, the employee would get fired for their inconsistent work but judges keep getting away.

Nepotism or politics are the primary reasons that judges get their job which leads to poor judging or unqualified judges. They should give penalties to judges if they give a wrong decision to make them aware that their job is important.


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