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All the drama, trash talk and the final incredible knockout encapsulated in a single work of art. This video is nothing short of astounding, a must watch…..

The internet has been thoroughly dominated by the shocking UFC 193 main event since it went down in Australia this past Saturday November 14, and rightly so. The long standing champion Ronda Rousey was sensationally dethroned by the huge underdog Holly Holm, who finished the champion via devastating second round knockout.

rousey ko loss

Quickly dubbed ‘the head kick heard around the world’ by yours truly, the video of Holm’s moment of victory became viral within hours. For Rousey, it was most certainly a tough loss to deal with, but oppositely ‘The Preacher’s Daughter’ fought the perfect fight and can now revel in the spoils.

The subject of today’s article is a very artistic and well produced video that provides an almost emotional look at the happenings of UFC 193 between ‘Rowdy’ and the now champion Holm.

Before that though, take a look at how much of an impact the loss had on Rousey, as she was hesitant to even show her face when arriving back in America.

YouTube video

For all the abuse and laughs had at Rousey’s expense since her loss, it looks like everything has come at once for the fallen queen of the UFC. Clearly still reeling from the sudden loss of her championship title this weekend, it’s a tough road ahead for a potential rematch with Holm.

Click to page 2 to see the amazing video recount of the UFC 193 main event and feud….

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