Creeping up on a trained MMA fighter like that, what the heck did he think would happen?

A good natured prank is always fun to watch, and you’ll find a myriad of amateur and some professional pranksters duping unwilling participants in all kinds of weird and wacky scenarios.

One recent internet ‘craze’ is pranking tough guys like ‘gangsters’ in notorious neighbourhoods of America, often with catastrophic outcomes. Before we look at the video which is the subject of this article, take a look at how this very poorly thought out prank went:

YouTube video

The dangers of pulling such pranks for the purposes of viral videos on Youtube and social media are obvious, yet the wannabe pranksters churn these acts out like there’s no tomorrow.

Shows like ‘Punk’d’ and ‘Jackass’ clearly have a big influence on these jokers, but that’s mainly western shows, how about what they get up to in the east? Of course we are talking about Japan and their long history of pranks.

The subject of today’s article involves long time UFC fighter Yoshihiro Akiyama, as he gets pranked by a clearly outmatched guy in an elevator.

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