5.Cyborg vs. Jan Finney

After researching the career of Jan “Cuddles” Finney, it is clear that she needs to fire her management team. Consistently Finney has been put in the cage with fighters whose abilities far exceeds hers. The biggest example of this is when she fought Cristiane “Cyborg” Justiano in 2010.

While Finney had won her last four fights, there was a significant size (and shape) advantage for Cyborg. Unfortunately for Finney, this fight was also referred by Kim Winslow, who in addition to being a terrible referee, has also posed for some of the creepiest photos to ever exist. Please witness the following examples:

mTjLZ0I winslow1

Bottom line here is that the woman that Dana White once described as “Wanderlei Silva wearing a dress”, destroyed “Cuddles”.

The defeat was the first of five straight losses for Finney, but what is really concerning is who those losses have come against. Despite not being very good, Finney has been pitted against names like Holly Holm, Valentina Shevchenko and Liz Carmouche since her fight against Cyborg. Somebody is trying to get Cuddles killed!

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