Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva’s confidence was running high when he stepped into the Octagon to fight Chris Weidman for the first time at UFC 162 in 2013.

After all, at the time he was the long-reigning middleweight champion with no less than 10 successful title defenses, had never been beaten in the UFC and was considered by some to be the greatest mixed martial artist of all-time.

The longer his reign had lasted, the more confident, and some might even say cocky, the Brazilian legend became, and that had produced some priceless moments in the Octagon where he would drop his hands, let his opponents take free swings at him and somehow still manage to avoid the incoming punches, leading Joe Rogan to exclaim on one occasion that Silva was “moving inside the matrix!”

However, if you live by the sword, you die by the sword and when Chris Weidman went up against him he showed no respect for Silva’s showboating antics.

As such, when Silva dropped his hands, stuck out his chin and mocked his attempts to hit him, even pretending to be hurt in a comical fashion, he just kept on punching until he did finally manage to connect clean to the champion’s chin, knocking him out cold in humiliating fashion.

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