Top 10 Most Hilarious MMA Pranks

By ross
Top 10 Most Hilarious MMA Pranks

They might be all business in the cage, but outside of it MMA fighter’s often prove to be some of the most mischevious, fun-loving people you could meet, and as you’ll find out in this article, nobody is safe when they decide it’s time to play a prank.

Brian Ortega vs. Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Students

Several years before he became a UFC star, Brian Ortega helped Rener Gracie play a hilarious prank on his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu students and staff members.

Gracie had ‘T-City’ dress up as the gym’s grappling dummy ‘Bubba,’ sat him in a chair in his office with the light switched off and then asked one of his unsuspecting class members to go into the room and get the dummy.

Needless to say he got the fright of his life when the dummy suddenly sprang to life while he was trying to move it.

The same gag worked over and over again on other people with the same comic effect and video footage of it has gone on to be watched over a million times on YouTube.