Jon Jones & Anthony Johnson vs. Dana White

YouTube video

After Jon Jones brawled with Daniel Cormier on-stage at a UFC press conference in Las Vegas, Dana White was on edge any time the light-heavyweight star was in close proximity with another opponent, and so ‘Bones’ decided to have a little fun at his expense.

Just a few months later he was back on-stage to promote his upcoming UFC 187 clash with Anthony Johnson, and in almost a mirror-image of his staredown with Cormier, Jones put his forehead on his opponent’s head and then ‘Rumble’ grabbed his throat and pushed him away.

The panic in White’s face was evident as he tried desparately to get inbetween the two fighters, at which stage Jones and Johnson both stopped the pretend feud and started laughing at the UFC head honcho, having successfully freaked him out.

“You know, Dana is Mr. Billy Bad Ass,” Jones said afterwards. “You can’t do anything to him. He definitely damn near sh*t on himself.

“It was so high. The pitch of his voice was so high, but the expression on his face was priceless.”

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