3. CM Punk vs. Mike Jackson

Easily the worst fight booking of the decade by the UFC, former WWE superstar CM Punk was inexplicably given a second opportunity to fight in the promotion. That was despite a horrendous debut against Mickey Gall that had seen him tapped out by the young 2-0 fighter in less than half a round.

Meanwhile, Jackson, an MMA journalist with one amateur fight, also had no business being in the UFC. He was initially drafted in to serve as Punk’s first-ever opponent due to being equally inexperienced. He fought the aforementioned Gall while the pro-wrestler was injured, leading to him being tapped out in just 45 seconds.

The UFC thought there were still some PPV buys to be milked from Punk’s presence though. So this match-up, whose only real justification for existing would be to establish the pecking order of the worst and second-worst fighter in the promotion, was put together for the main card opener at UFC 225. By this stage, Punk had been signed to the UFC for three-and-a-half years, yet he still managed to showcase the same painfully apparent lack of ability and athleticism as he had done in his debut almost two years earlier.

Jackson at least had some idea of what he was doing and would easily win the fight by decision. But his constant showboating, despite his inability to finish the wet paper bag he was up against, was so cringeworthy that Dana White branded him “a complete f***ing idiot” afterward, and stated, “he’s 0-2 as far as I’m concerned.” Thankfully, White also assured everyone that neither fighter would ever be seen in the Octagon again.

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