Top 20 UFC Bloodbaths Of All-Time

By ross
Top 20 UFC Bloodbaths Of All-Time

Fair warning that this article is certainly not for the faint-of-heart as we wade into the fight archives and emerge with the 20 biggest bloodbaths in UFC history.

Stefan Struve vs. Denis Stojnic

“My god, this is a horror movie, man! This is crazy!” Joe Rogan exclaimed uring Stefan Struve’s fight with Denis Stojnic at UFC 99 in 2009.

During the first round, Stojnic landed an elbow that opened up a large gash high on Struve’s forehead and quickly started pouring out copious amounts of crimson, leading to Rogan believing the fight was going to be waved off.

Much to his surprise it wasn’t, and that led to a second round that was even more bloody than the first as Struve took Stojnic’s back and worked hard for a rear-naked choke finish, while blood was seen spraying out of his head and splattering onto the canvas.

“We gotta get this fight over with before Struve bleeds to death!” Rogan exclaimed, and thankfully, Struve did finally manage to eventually complete the blood-soaked choke to claim a memorable victory against the odds.