BJ Penn vs. Joe Stevenson

In the prime of his career, BJ Penn looked to defend his lightweight title against Joe ‘Daddy’ Stevenson, and in the first round he landed a perfect elbow to the forehead that opened up a grizzly gash that opened the floodgates for a river of blood.

“That is one of the quickest bleeding cuts I think I’ve ever seen,” Joe Rogan observed from his vantage point. “That’s like a broken fire hydrant.”

Inbetween rounds Stevenson’s corner frantically tried to get the cut under control, but it began leaking again almost immediately.

Penn showed no mery and continued to maul the blood-soaked Stevenson on the mat, before finally getting him in a rear-naked choke and forcing the submission.

In a final macabre moment, ‘The Prodigy’ then proceeded to lick his bloody gloves as he celebrated his victory.