Top 20 UFC Fighter vs. UFC Staff Feuds

Trash-talking and bad blood is a common occurence amongst fighters in the UFC, but what happens when fighter’s cross the line and start feuding with members of the promotion’s own staff?

In this article we’ll look at 20 examples where fighters and staff members have clashed outside of the Octagon, from verbal warfare and death threats through to actualy fist fights and acts of violence.

Frank Trigg vs. Bruce Buffer

Octagon announcer Bruce Buffer received a karate chop in the throat from Frank Trigg while in an elevator at the Hard Rock Hotel in 2006 when he interrupted the fighter’s attempt to convince Dana White to re-sign him.

“What the f*ck are you doing?” Buffer asked, to which Trigg replied, “what are you going to do about it?”

Buffer responded by punching Trigg twice in the stomach, which sparked a brawl between the pair that reportedly lasted the entire 10-floor descent to the ground floor.

Trigg has since admitted that Buffer hit him hard enough that it felt like, “both sides of my rib cage touched each other,” while Buffer recalls having the skin on one of his thumbs peeled back to the bone, requiring five stitches.

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