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We are living in a world where fitness is given a lot of importance. Staying healthy and fit is the need of the hour, so we are always on the lookout for some amazing fitness routines that can help us stay fit and live a life full of contentment.

Thanks to the advancement in technology, we now have access to a variety of workout applications that greatly help in shaping one’s workout styles and abilities. Moreover, these apps are also super economical; this is a good thing because we are aware that gym membership costs have become unaffordable for a lot of people. Hence, downloading these fitness apps is the solution to all our health worries.

In this article, we have enlisted the top five health and fitness applications of 2023 which will make your entire fitness journey simple and enjoyable. However, before you go ahead and explore them in detail, just make sure that you are signed up with a reliable internet provider like Cox Communications that offers incredible internet speeds.

You can’t expect to stream live videos and use these apps seamlessly without a solid internet connection. Once you are well-equipped to use the apps, you can go ahead and download the ones that best meet your requirements.

1. Nike Training Club

In the year 2020, Nike made the content of its famous Nike Training Club app completely free for three months in order to help individuals stay healthy and fit while staying at home. Since then, the application has been totally free for its valued users, and unlike other fitness apps, the Nike Training Club has no paid version at all. How amazing is that?

The best feature of the app is the unique option to efficiently filter out workout routines by muscle group, endurance, strength, mobility, yoga, etc. The cherry on top, you also get the option to filter by level, time, and intensity. So, if you are on a budget but also wish to stay fit, well, download this app right away.

2. Sweat

This app is the brainchild of the famous Australian fitness trainer named Kayla Itsines. The app began as an extensive series of downloadable ‘Fit Body Guides’ in the year 2015 and has now become a comprehensive training app with a variety of different programs as well as recipes to assist you in attaining your fitness goals.

This app is particularly designed for women, keeping in mind their body types. You’ll be delighted to know that the app features a structured training program for every woman, from a new mum taking baby steps to achieve her pre-baby body to the young girl seeking to attain more confidence in the intimidating weight room at the local gym.

3. EvolveYou

If you are a fitness freak who is fond of mixing up all your workouts, moving between cardio or strength, Pilates or weights, the gym, or random workouts in your drawing room, EvolveYou is the perfect workout app for you. The app is designed specifically for women and has five different professional trainers on board, all of whom have a variety of different exercise plans to select from.

In addition to this, the app also has a very user-friendly interface that makes it super easy to use. The workouts are less complicated and very easy to follow, making the application super convenient for the newbies. The best part about the app is its music feature that keeps you busy while you carry out your daily workout routines.

4. Strava

Strava is one of the finest running applications with a free as well as economical paid subscription to enable runners, walkers, and cyclists to keep complete track of their total progress. Having said that, despite its popular reputation as an application particularly for runners and cyclists, the app also gives you insights on thirty-one different sports. The long list essentially includes canoeing, rowing, yoga, alpine skiing, paddleboarding, etc.

Obviously, it is super significant to point out that there are no proper workout routines on this app, so unlike other applications on this list, don’t sign up and expect to follow a comprehensive weight-lifting training session- this is an app solely for monitoring your progress.

5. Peloton

If you can’t afford a proper Peloton workout bike or a state-of-the-art tread to stay in shape, this incredible workout app is the perfect option for you. The app features countless interactive classes to take that will assist you in strengthening your muscles and burning your calories.

The experienced instructors stand out from the crowd because of their vigor, enthusiasm, zest, and determination. Using this app, you can also join the comprehensive live classes and compete with other members of the app.

Final words

We hope the five fitness apps that we have mentioned above will help you stay fit and healthy. Download the ones that best meet your body type and stamina level and experience a journey full of health and contentment.

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