It’s important to distinguish that this list is not for the greatest knockouts, it’s for the knockouts that caused fans to become legitimately concerned that the guy who got KO’ed might actually be dead.

Omitted from this list is the time Urijah Faber choked out Takeya Mizugaki and sent him into convulsions, as that was from a choke not a knockout.  Also omitted from the list was Lyoto Machida’s knockout of Rashad Evans, as Evans looked more like he was sleeping comfortably as opposed to dead.

While fighter deaths have occurred on smaller shows we have yet to see one in the UFC, but there have been more than a few occasions where a guy was knocked out so bad that it made you think there was a chance he’d never wake up.

Of all the knockouts to ever make us think that the loser was dead, here are the top 5…

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