As we go through this life of strange experiences and paying tax, there are often days that we question our existence, our very reason for being. We are each unique, facing million-to-one chances of even being created, and then thrust into this ever-changing planet ruled by corruption and boobs.

It’s no surprise that we frequently find ourselves traveling into our own minds, and there always seems to be the one burning question at the depths of our curiosities. Yes, you guessed it; Why are skanky bitches always fighting at Walmart?

Example number one:

[flowplayer id=”2912″]

These chunky hoes get into a pointless argument in a Beech Grove Walmart store, and this is possibly the most disgusting behavior you can imagine. Not only do these snow beasts pound each other like the rough-skinned rhinos they are, but the blonde even gets her six-year-old son to help.

^Mother of the year award goes to this obese munter.

Watch out for this little douchebag when he’s older



Next up we have a couple of pimp slap-worth wenches scrapping, once again caught by a no doubt aroused pervert with a video phone.

The action speaks for itself:

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Next up we have a couple of fine examples of women, but this time one is the Walmart store employee. Wigs be flying, nails are snapping, as these filthy mutts trade blows in the most ghetto way possible.

Watch on the Youtube video below:

YouTube video
 Wow, there truly are no lower limits.

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Next up features an equally as ghetto, but clearly far more naturally talented young fighter. The punk in pink has the attitude of a sketchy hoe, but she can back it up, as she murks an entire family.

Watch in the Youtube video:

YouTube video
You still here? OK, you asked for it, here are two more scumbag-filled Walmart fights for your classless ass to view. Enjoy!
YouTube video

These lowlife pieces of crap are perhaps only defeated in terms of how ghetto they are by this pair of brawling birds, one of whom looks as though she belongs in a rap video twerking her booty.

YouTube video

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