It’s been 18 months now since Nick Diaz’s last fight in the UFC. The cult anti-hero of mixed martial arts has been serving a controversial suspension handed down by the Nevada Athletic Commission in 2015.

Diaz faced former middleweight champion Anderson Silva at UFC 183, and the NAC picked up on supposed levels of Marijuana in Diaz’s blood that were over the acceptable limit. This was just the beginning of a shady saga.


After losing the decision to ‘The Spider,’ Diaz went on to stand in front of the Nevada Commission. They accused the fan favorite from California of failing a drug test, but they had very little to go on.

One accredited drug testing lab gave Diaz the all clear on two sets of results fro the sample in question. One non-accredited lab gave back positive results of Marijuana metabolites that were over the threshold.


The case presented by Diaz’s lawyer seemed air tight. The NAC, in a highly ignorant move, banned Diaz for five years, essentially ending his career. Everybody wanted Nick Diaz freed, and celebrities from far and wide banded together.

Eventually the NAC downgraded Diaz’s punishment to 18 months, a decision that still serves a ridiculous sentence considering the circumstances.

That suspension is now officially over, skip to page 2 to see Twitter EXPLODE…

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