And it is all over!

Sparring is an excellent way of bringing up the conditioning, timing and also technique of fighters. It’s used in all combat sports in one form or another, but for some it can be a particularly brutal and dangerous pursuit.

When preparing for a fight it’s of the utmost importance that the fighter is ready to take on all aspects, and striking in mixed martial arts is part of the fundamental skill set. But training of striking in sparring can be extremely hazardous for all parties.


Fans of mixed martial arts (MMA) will know Donald Cerrone (picture left) as a ferocious Muay Thai specialist. He’s also renowned for taking fights on short notice, and also his trademark budweiser beer drinking during interviews.

During his time fighting in the UFC, ‘Cowboy’ has scored victories over Benson Henderson, Miles Jury, Eddie Alvarez, Jim Miller, KJ Noons, Melvin Guillard and many others. He’s also the subject of today’s sparring knockout video.


The identity of the man Cerrone is sparring remains unknown, but it’s a nasty finish by all accounts.

Watch the Donald Cerrone sparring knockout on the player below:

[flowplayer id=”3510″]

Wow, that was nasty!

We’ve got more cool video footage in the next article…

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