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Online slots at casino are popularly played by people of all races, colors, and gender. If you are one of the slot lovers, you must have noticed that some slots have big wins while others have small wins that come in bits. This is the result of the variance of slot types.

What is Variance

To understand what game variance is, you need to understand risk. The variance of an online slot game is determined by the level of risk your money undergoes in the game. This is however not measured with just two or three games played. You need to play a game long-term to confirm that you are affected by the variance of that game.

For instance,  you play an online slot game for the first time and happen to hit a big jackpot. This doesn’t mean that it is a high variance game. It is only when you play that game over and over that you can say what kind of variance it has. Another way of knowing the variance of a game is by checking out slot reviews.

Types of Variance

There are three levels of the risks we take in life. There are high risks, low risks, and the middle ground. In slot games, these risks are called variance. As there are three levels of risks, so also are there three types of variance. These types are

  • Low Variance: Low variance slot does not necessarily mean games that give you little returns. It however means that payouts will be frequent but small. So, in low variance online slots, you’ll have winnings in most spins. You’ll also have access to bonuses a lot of times. But this will all come in small bits. The risk in this slot variance type is not much.
  • Medium Variance: Most slot games have medium variance. This is because as the middle ground for both low and high variance slots, it is more appealing. With a medium variance slot, bonuses and winnings are pretty accessible but are neither big nor small.
  • High Variance: High variance slot games involve a lot of risks. You might spin for a long time before you win anything. But when you eventually get winnings, it is mostly massive. With games like this, do not throw out all your cash on big bets. Instead, place small bets until you are comfortable with the game you are playing. Then, you can increase your spending.

Why Slot Variance is Important

To play slots effectively, there are things you must know and variance is one of them. If you know the variance of the game you are playing, then you’ll know what kind of wins to expect.

Knowing the variance of a game also helps you decide on your game strategy. If you know how small or big the winning combinations of a game are, you can then plan how much cash to spend on that game. This is especially if you are playing the game to win and not just for fun.

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