The fight between Conor McGregor and Rafael dos Anjos just got a lot more interesting. Check out this awesome UFC 197 promo video….

UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor moves up to fight the lightweight king Rafael dos Anjos at UFC 197. The main event bout is highly anticipated, and could easily bring in the biggest pay-per-view numbers of the year outside of UFC 200’s potential.

The buzz around the event involves a beef between McGregor and dos Anjos that started at the UFC Go Big presser last November, and has now snowballed after some very controversial threats by ‘The Notorious.’


Speaking at the UFC 197 pre-fight press conference, the Irish star went full blast on the Brazilian lightweight champion, completely taking over the presser:

“It’s all games, at the end of the day. Games are facts, depending who you ask. I am comparing you to a true Brazilian champion who I have already knocked out. Just seeing the pride that the Brazilian’s carried for Jose and the pride he carried for his people touched my heart. This is one of the reasons I wanted to give back to Brazil. March 5, I will behead Rafael and I will drag his heads through the streets of Rio de Janeiro to a parade of people I would imagine. It will become a national holiday I would imagine. It’s simply a sign of recognizing who is true and who is not. I see a true champion in Jose, and his team and his beliefs. He carries the Brazilian people. And I see a man (in Rafael) who is also Brazilian, but does not represent the Brazilian people like he should. He brings the name of Brazil down and I will bring it back up. Viva la Brasilia!”


In an odd homage to notorious drug baron ‘El Chapo,’ McGregor provided some priceless moments as he was typically on form. So much quality footage was created, that it’s led to a great promo trailer being released for the event.

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