A lot of people are asking why UFC commentator Joe Rogan is included in the latest video game, here’s the reason

With the constant expansion of the UFC, characters associated with the world’s largest mixed martial arts promotion are pushed in to the limelight. one such name included on that list is color commentator Joe Rogan.

The imaginative personality of Rogan has captured the hearts and minds of many fans, and as a result he’s become a celebrity in his own right. TV shows, podcasts and his own lines of apparel and concepts are a few pies that Joe Rogan has his thumb in.

But he’s also a badass.


Joe Rogan was a pretty mean kickboxer back in the day, and although he’s now 48, the UFC commentator remains in great shape. In case you were wondering why he’s included as a secret character on the latest UFC 2 video game, here’s why:

[flowplayer id=”2601″]

Yep, as friendly and outgoing as Joe Rogan is, if you mess with him he’ll likely paint the walls with your face. More evidence of Joe Rogan being a tough dude includes his crazy weight training regime.


Many people have questioned how Rogan would actually do in a live fight, or at least a sparring session with a well known fighter or martial artist. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there too.

Check out this decent video of Joe Rogan sparring Muay Thai legend and well knwn Australian sports personality John Wayne Parr:

YouTube video

The truth is that you can never judge a book by it’s cover, and although he’s past his prime and essentially works on a desk, Joe Rogan is not a man to be trifled with. If you get the time, you should check out the Joe Rogan experience on Youtube, follow him on Twitter @JoeRogan or check out one of his numerous TV shows including ‘Joe Rogan Questions Everything.’

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