Yes, this is real, and no it’s not a joke…

Looking back through the years, Japanese MMA has provided some of the most outrageous moments ever. Although freak show fights have also proved wildly entertaining, their legitimacy is essentially zero.

When former football player Bob Sapp fought a comic book character, the JMMA world was fascinated. Plenty of other wildly bizarre and somewhat hilarious moments continue to this day. Rizin FF is currently the leader in the freak show department.

The subject of today’s article might just blow everything out of the water.

12-year old Japanese school girl Momo made her MMA debut in Japan this week, and it might just be the strangest thing you’ll ever watch…

Momo Chokes Out Woman Twice Her Age

Making her amateur debut at ‘Deep Jewels,’ whatever that means, Momo took on 24-year old (2-3 amateur) Momoko Yamasaki. Over in the United States, or anywhere in the west, this fight would simply not happen.

In Japan, it’s fair game, as the land of the rising sun continues to blaze a trail through the freaky and fantastical in MMA.

One thing about this matchup which has got the Japanese world talking is the fact that a 12-year-old will make her MMA debut against an adult veteran. In the amateur rules for DEEP JEWELS, striking to the head on the ground is not allowed. Both fighters will be wearing head gear.

Yamasaki (2-3 Am) is coming off two losses. She is hoping to get back in the win column by taking out her 12-year-old opponent who is currently a seventh grader. The 24-year-old is a former street-fighter. She was bullied in junior high school. According to the press release from DEEP JEWELS: The experience is said to have triggered her to became a delinquent.This lead to a series of “tale of triumphs on the street.” The description of the fight, before it happened, from

What’s Next For Momo?

At the tender age of just 12, there is the potential for a very bright future for Momo. Now she’s gotten some great exposure from choking out her 24-year old opponent in Japan, it’s likely there will be a lot of interest.

Unfortunately she will have to fight on a few more years before getting any calls from the bigger promotions. At the same time, this fight did raise a few questions. Firstly, what would’ve happened if the older fighter had battered Momo to a pulp?

It’s all good when the 12-year old wins, but this fight could’ve gotten some seriously bad press.

Reina Miura def. Kristin Handel by TKO (strikes) Round 1, 4:24
Satomi Takano def. Tomo Maesawa by TKO (strikes). Round 2, 4:42
Yuko Kiryu def. N. Shimomakise by submission (armbar). Round 1, 2:34
Mina Kurobe vs. Emi Tomimatsu ruled a draw – grappling match
Mika Nagano vs. Kanna Asakura ruled a draw – grappling match
Pan Hui def. Kyu Kitano by unanimous decision
Mizuki Furuse def. Madoka Ishibashi by knockout (head kick). Round 1, 1:59
Momo def. Momoko Yamazaki by submission (rear-naked choke). Round 1, 2:59

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