Before he was UFC or WWE heavyweight champion, Brock Lesnar tore up the national wrestling circuit, and became notorious after this extremely rare technique….

Former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar was undoubtedly the most successful pro wrestler to cross over in to mixed martial arts. That pool is pretty shallow, although CM Punk will likely attempt to better Lesnar when debuts for the UFC in 2016.

Although his stint at the top of the division was very short and hampered by illness and injuries, Lesnar made a big impression during his MMA tenure. Defeating Randy Couture, Frank Mir and Shane Carwin, the pro wrestler was once described by Dana White as ‘the baddest man on the planet.’

That quote can be taken with a pinch of salt though, as Lesnar would later go on to suffer crushing knockout losses against Alistair Overeem and Cain Velasquez before heading back to the world of pro wrestling.

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Unlike CM Punk though, Lesnar had a decorated sports career behind him, outside of pro wrestling, where he competed against the best the nation had to offer. As a collegiate wrestler, Lesnar was one of the most dominant athletes.

Lesnar tallied a 106-5 college wrestling record, and was a four-time NCAA champion (twice division I).

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