WATCH: Colby Covington Demolishes Robbie Lawler

By Dazzler
WATCH: Colby Covington Demolishes Robbie Lawler

Colby Covington Sadly Dominated Robbie Lawler, Confirming His Status as the Welterweight Division’s Number One Contender… 

It’s fair to assume that Colby Covington’s mother barely tolerates him. The man from Clovis, California is one of the most annoying MMA fighters in the history of the sport, but it also has to be said: he’s very good at what he does. He beat Robbie Lawler easily in the main event in Newark, New Jersey.

This was a massive fight for both men, knowing that the winner would very likely be the next challenger for champion Kamaru Usman. For Lawler, it was essential that he win, because he had just come off a controversial loss to Ben Askren. Meanwhile, Convintong arguably had done enough to be the next contender already as he was a former interim champion.

Anyway, he’d go on to win comfortably. Check out the highlights of a very one-sided fight below. It’s probably one of the most disappointing things we’ve ever been forced to write. Let’s go, Team Usman!


In fairness to Covington, this was as one-sided a fight as we’ve seen all year. Lawler looked excellent before getting stopped by Ben Askren, but he wasn’t able to bring any of his ruthlessness into this fight. It was a totally dominant performance by ‘Chaos’ who took control from beginning to end.

This was a story of pressure, as Covington used his wrestling to overpower the former welterweight champion and grind out a violent victory. You’ve got to give him credit because he’s just so difficult to deal with. Now a title shot looks indisputable. Unfortunately.


Covington typically annoyed the whole world with comments he made about former UFC champion Matt Hughes. Hughes was involved in a horrific life-changing train accident and Covington tastelessly made reference to this when he talked about battering Lawler. He said:

“Let’s talk about the lesson we learned here tonight. It’s a lesson Robbie Lawler should have learned from Matt Hughes. You stay off the track when the train is coming through.”

Hughes actually responded in classy fashion:

“Not sure if [Colby Covington] should have used my accident as fuel for his post-fight trash talk, but that was one heck of a fight,” Hughes said. “Nice win for [American Top Team], and [Robbie Lawler] always puts on a good fight. Reminder though, this is the fighting world. People trash talk and you gotta have thick skin.”

Thanks Mr President

After the fight, Covington made his allegiance clear by showing his respects to US President Donald Trump and his family. ‘Chaos’ famously visited the White House with Dana White as the welterweight interim champion and looks to have maintained the respect of the executive branch of the US government. He tweeted:

“Thank you for the phone call and always supporting me Mr. President! Thank you to the first family @DonaldJTrumpJr @EricTrump & @kimguilfoyle for coming out front row and cheering me on! If people thought tonight was a landslide, wait until the 2020 election! God bless America.”

Isn’t that sweet?