Cian Cowley Got Smashed Unconscious at Brave CF 24 in London… Meanwhile, Artem Lobov is Being Lined Up to Fight British Boxer Amir Khan… 

The problem with being Conor McGregor’s friend and teammate is that everybody enjoys seeing you lose. Cian Cowley fights for Bahrain-based promotion BRAVE and is finding this out the hard way. He’s basically discovered that MMA is a brutal and unforgiving sport that can change in an instant.

BRAVE CF 24 went down in London last night and was the flagship event of the year so far for the Asian promotion. Many celebrities were invited and were there in attendance. BRAVE is trying to make waves in a crowded Asian market, by having events all around the world. It was one of just two promotions to have events on five continents in 2018.

Anyway, Cowley has been touted as a potential star, but it’s really not working out the way he wanted. Most famous for sharing a jail cell in Brooklyn with Conor McGregor, that incident definitely raised his profile. Check out how he got savagely knocked out by Maciek Gierszewski in the co-main event.

Big Event

There were a lot of combats sports celebrities and ‘elite personalities’ attending BRAVE CF 24 and Cowley had said beforehand that he planned on making a massive statement in this fight against the Polish veteran Maciek Gierszewski. Cowley was 3-2 coming into this one against MagicMan, whose record was 6-4.

This fight was going so well for Cowley too. He put on a beautiful striking clinic, showing maturity as he went to town on Gierszewski’s leg. All his strikes were perfectly timed and landing with precision. He went through the first round smoothly and the second was going well too.


MMA is a cruel sport though and everything can change in a split-second. Remember when Derrick Lewis was getting ripped apart by Alexander Volkov and then left the Russian counting stars with ten seconds left? Cowley ended up in a similar position, as this fight turned around in mere seconds.

The Irishman was demolishing his Polish opponent when suddenly Gierszewski saw an opening. He found a gap and got inside Cowley’s guard, smashing him with punches and landed a shot perfectly on the young man’s chin. Cowley was finished there and then but still took some ground-and-pound before the referee intervened.

You’ve got to have a chin in this game.

Boxing Match?

There’s an interesting side story going on at BRAVE CF as well. Artem Lobov – another of Cowley’s teammates – is in talks to have a boxing match against the former unified light-welterweight world champion Amir Khan. The company president, Mohamed Shadid said:

“Artem Lobov v Amir Khan in a boxing match is something that we would be interested in. John Kavanagh (SBG Ireland head coach) wanted that bout in BRAVE CF so we are prepared to talk about it. If we can work with both sides, this could happen although there are other options for Lobov out there. I’d like to see him take on any boxer at the top level but no talks have happened yet. Lobov will be in attendance on July 25th so discussions may begin then.”

Would you watch that fight?

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