After winning his second UFC title and etching his place in the history books, you would think “The Notorious” Conor McGregor’s career would be a little more solid-looking right now. Instead, it’s looking pretty uneventful at the moment.

The UFC lightweight champion is spending some time away from the Octagon to focus on personal matters. He has definitely earned a break, that’s for sure. As far as his fighting career goes however, there’s a lingering sense of uncertainty.

Will Mayweather-McGregor Happen in 2017?

McGregor is trying to land a lucrative mega bout against boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather Jr. He has recently put up McGregor Promotions with the intent of co-promoting the fight himself alongside Mayweather Promotions, whilst leaving the UFC completely out of the picture.

UFC President Dana White obviously isn’t too happy about it. White threatened of McGregor’s inevitable downfall should he continue down this path. Various consequences could befall the Irishman, including being stripped of his lightweight belt and being shelved.

To say that neither fans nor observers know exactly how this will all play out for McGregor is pretty accurate. There is no concrete evidence of McGregor’s next move.

Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson, the top two lightweight contenders, are competing for an interim belt. The winner should be next in line to face McGregor should he finally come around to defending his belt. If White does indeed strip McGregor of the title, then the interim champion should be upgraded to full champion.

But MMA just couldn’t be further away from McGregor’s mind right now. A recent video of McGregor boxing with Artem Lobov has gone viral online.

McGregor’s boxing has been seen in the wild in previous clips. Needless to say, for a fighter with no pro boxing experience, McGregor looked horrendous. But in this new clip, he does show a little improvement to be fair.

Check Out McGregor Boxing In A Recent Clip

Postured in his usual martial arts stance, McGregor is able to use his speed and to tag Lobov to the body. He’s even able to catch a punch with his left hand when Lobov tried to counter. Furthermore, it looks like McGregor is focusing on using his right jab too. A Lobov right hand that landed shook him up though.

Regardless, it looks like McGregor is definitely learning the basics at the very least. To beat Mayweather anyway, McGregor doesn’t have to be skilled enough to outbox him. That’s just not happening, no matter how long he trains.

To beat Mayweather, McGregor just has to get to a level where he is able to land his powerful left hand.

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