You’ve Got to Love the Beautiful Game… There Were Some Shocking Scenes Before Manchester City Beat Liverpool in London, With Football Fans Publically Brawling on the Underground… 

The Community Shield went down on Saturday between Liverpool and Manchester City in London’s Wembley Stadium. The showpiece event, between the two biggest teams in the country, is designed to whet the appetites of fans for the new football season. That’s the idea anyway.

It used to be the case that there were fights every week after football matches in the UK but in recent years the game has been cleaned up a good bit. There’s normally a big police presence at stadiums and on the routes that fans take to get there. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case in London before the event.

Fans were on their way to Wembley on the tube, when two rival factions met and a full-scale brawl broke out. They were properly throwing down. Check out the full clip below.


A group of fans was travelling on the Metropolitan line when the train stopped at a station full of opposition fans. It turned out that they really didn’t like each other and decided to throw punches at each other. We’ve no idea what triggered it but they really went to town.

One man with a very dubious set of sunglasses gets sent flying backwards while another wades forward throwing wild punches. The men let loose at each other, punching and kicking like wild animals. It’s pretty embarrassing really for a group of middle-aged men to behave like this.

Screenshot: Twitter.


Needless to say, the brawl has gone viral on the internet and a lot of people have been tweeting about it. Most people have reacted negatively to the men who totally let themselves down. It’s mad that grown men can be so passionate about clubs that they’ll never play for:

@felixkeith: “Just found myself in the middle of a huge fight between Liverpool and Manchester City fans on the Metropolitan Line at Great Portland street. Bottle smashed in front of children and an elderly lady. Disgraceful scenes.”

@tuckers35: “Can’t even go to a football match without that sort of stuff going on! Absolutely pathetic.”

@p73roberts: “Pathetic. Grown men behaving like neanderthals embarrassing.”

@johnny_buttons: “Ban the lot of them from the grounds.”

Screenshot: Twitter.


Over the past two years, instances of bad behaviour between fans have been on the rise. Public brawls and instances of racism have been the two main things that have been going on. In the actual game, Manchester City would go on to win after a penalty shootout. The match ended 1-1, with City opening after an error by Alisson in the first half.

In the second half, Liverpool equalised through Joel Matip. They had a chance to snatch it before Kyle Walker cleared off the line with a sensational bicycle clearance. City would win the game after Gini Wijnauldum missed his penalty. There was more action on the train than there was on the football pitch.

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