Georges St-Pierre is back and the former UFC welterweight legend just captured the UFC middleweight title with a submission victory over now former champion Michael “The Count” Bisping. It wasn’t easy for GSP however, as the entire fight was a crazy back-and-forth affair that left both men gasping for breaths.

The two men competed in the main event of UFC 217, which took place at the legendary Madison Square Garden in New York on November 4.

In the end however, GSP showcased his usual technical striking, great wrestling, and stout presence of mind to latch onto a rear naked choke to seal the deal. Perhaps even more impressive however was how GSP set up the fight-ending submission. Behind a beautifully-timed left hook, GSP dropped Bisping and secured the finish.

The official finish came at 4:23 minutes of the third round, as Bisping was choked out unconscious. GSP had always shown great boxing technique, and the left hook was proof that even after nearly five years away from the Octagon, that he still had it.

Why is GSP’s Boxing on Point?

Cage rust was a little bit of an issue, but GSP looked great in the fight and should look even better in his next one.

One of the biggest reasons why GSP’s boxing has been on point for his entire career is because of his collaboration with legendary boxing coach Freddie Roach. Roach, is of course, the owner of the Wild Card Gym in Los Angeles, home to some of the world’s best boxers. Big names like Manny Pacquiao, Miguel Cotto, Guillermo Rigondeaux and Vasyl Lomachenko have spent countless hours training with Roach, honing their skills.

Georges St-Pierre choked Michael Bisping out cold to win the UFC middleweight title…

GSP joined Roach a few years back, showcasing a noticeable upgrade in his pugilistic skills. The most complete display of GSP’s boxing skills came in 2011 and 2012, when he thoroughly defeated both Jake Shields and Carlos Condit with strong, stiff jabs. It was then that his partnership with Roach was really highlighted.

GSP would however showcase those boxing skills once again with Bisping, who ended up losing his title.

Watch Freddie Roach Give the Fight Winning Instructions

Watching very closely from cageside, Roach kept his eye on the action intently. Roach is known for his great mid-fight adjustments, as he can see openings unfold in the middle of bouts. Between rounds, Roach’s voice is invaluable in the corner.

In this short clip, Roach is heard giving the fight-winning instruction to GSP, who followed the game plan to a tee. GSP unloaded a well-timed left hook counter that dropped Bisping, followed him to the mat and sealed the deal with the RNC.

“Go with the hook and then the right hand behind it.” Freddie Roach told St. Pierre in between rounds.

GSP, being a student of the game, wisely heeded Roach’s advice and the rest is history. He is the new UFC Middleweight Champion. Whether or not he defends the belt is a completely different story however, as there is no guarantee what GSP is going to do next.

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