WATCH: Heavyweight Boxer Disqualified After BITING Opponent

By Dazzler

What Happens When a Fighter is Too Hungry for Success? By the Look of This Heavyweight, You’d Think He Gets Fed Enough… But That Didn’t Stop Him From Biting His Opponent in Bizarre Circumstances… 

Most fighters tend to fight clean, but there are a few who want to get an advantage over their opponent and will resort to whatever dark arts they can get away with to win. Yoel Romero and Jon Jones are masters of coming up with new ways of getting an advantage, with the wet towel incident and Jones’s eye pokes infamous in MMA at this stage.

Eye pokes can be concealed as accidental in MMA if executed correctly, because of the fingerless gloves. Obviously, boxing removes the possibility, but there are other things you can, like stand on your opponent’s foot, use low blows or rabbit punch. One thing you very rarely hear about is biting.

Enter Kash Ali, who decided that taking down and biting David Price was the best way to get a win. It wasn’t. Watch the footage below.


Kas Ali was fighting David Price on Saturday’s Matchroom Boxing undercard, in Liverpool, England when this absolute madness went down. Ali was actually leading the fight against the favourite but it all went downhill for him after Price landed a few clean punches, putting him under pressure. That’s when Ali did what he did.

Sometimes reality is even weirder than fiction. In the footage above you can see that Kash Ali gets it into his head that the smartest move to make is to shoot for a takedown and then bite his opponent’s stomach. His actions immediately saw him disqualified and it’s really no surprise that the referee took that action.


Considering that he had a heavyweight man chewing on him like a wild animal you have to give Price a ton of respect for his self-control. He was probably totally bemused by the situation like everybody else because it’s not exactly something you prepare for.

He did the right thing by staying calm. It would have been easy to take a swing at Ali when he stood up, but then – in the dumb world we live in – he would probably have ended up getting sanctioned or something himself. This wasn’t even the first time he got bit in the fight – Ali bit him twice on the arm two rounds earlier.


This isn’t the first time we’ve had such an incident in a high-profile combat sports event. Only a few weeks ago, the UFC’s Diego Sanchez accused his young opponent Mickey Gall of dirty tactics in their fight at UFC 235. He still won the fight convincingly but was annoyed enough to complain about it across his social media platforms.

”Mickey Gall is still a little bitch he bit me and eye gouged me!” Sanchez wrote. “I’m from the streets of ‘burque your lucky that ref pulled me off! OG’s don’t tell the ref they suck it up and street fight! But I had to let Instagram know.”