Former UFC women’s bantamweight champion is undeniably the most dominant female fighter ever. Even though she got blasted by Holly Holm at UFC 193, Rousey’s influence before that night is not undone.

Until facing ‘The Preacher’s Daughter’ in Australia, Rousey was unstoppable. Destroying opponents with apparent ease in a matter of seconds, accolades were coming in from all angles.



The more famous and well-known Ronda Rousey became, the more we began to learn about her. The former Olympic Judo bronze medallist was expanding at an unparalleled rate, but something didn’t seem right.

Her longtime coach and mentor Edmond Tarverdyan suddenly became the topic of tons of debate. Although her striking appeared to be improving inside the octagon, many believe what we witnessed was an illusion formed by co-incidence.


Striking Similarity

Until 2014, all of Rousey’s wins had come by submission. At the time she was 8-0, and had used her trademark armbar to get seven first round stoppages, with only Liz Carmouche making it to the third round. Acknowledging she needed to work on her striking, Rousey came away from the gameplan ever so slightly.

Instead of hiring a boxing coach like Freddie Roach, ‘Rowdy’ put her trust in Edmond Tarverdyan. To put things in to perspective a little, Tarverdyan has an abysmal reputation in the fight world. Even Ronda Rousey’s own Mother claimed coach Edmond was a ‘fraud, scumbag piece of sh*t.’

Wins over Sara McMann, Alexis Davis and Bethe Correia all by knockout appeared to show huge improvements in the striking. The reality is these women were all smaller, and simply not as good as Ronda Rousey. Her natural athleticism carried Rousey in these fights, and as you’ll see later in this article, her coach was teaching her terrible technique.

UFC 190 Weigh-in


Coaching at this level of the game is very hard, almost an immeasurable task. Let’s not bash her coach after just one loss, that’s an argument against this article. OK, well let’s take a look at the only other two professional MMA fighters we could find who are associated with Glendale Gym.

Travis Browne, UFC heavyweight, was 16-1-1 before he joined Glendale fight club. Since that time, Browne has gone 2-4 in the UFC. These things happen though, but then take a look at Jake Ellenberger. ‘The Juggernaut’ went 1-4 under Tarverdyan’s expert coaching, before leaving for Kings MMA and picking up a win over Matt Brown.

The videos on page 2 will leave you in shock as to how this guy hasn’t been completely exposed yet…

Continue to page 2 for the shocking evidence…

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  1. I dont even box. But, anybody can see from those videos that he form was awful. This is why big stars must have a manager/advisor who will tell you the truth and watch out for you. In this case, that person was Mom. If she had spent a few years actually learning boxing, she would prob. Still be fighting today. Plus, why stand up, when nobody could beat her on the ground?

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