Khabib Nurmagamedov Was Booed Off Stage After He Went in Hard on Ireland’s History With Britain… 

The UFC official open weigh-ins were on yesterday. A pumped-up Conor McGregor called Khabib Nurmagamedov a smelly Dagestani rat, but the Russian went in much harder. We’re only a couple of days from what could prove to be the biggest MMA fight of all time, and the tension is so thick you could cut it with a knife.

One of the biggest talking points is how Khabib has never experienced the feverish atmosphere of a McGregor event. Sure, his own fans are intensely loyal, but ‘The Notorious’ incites a different kind of dedication, passion and volume of noise. The Russian was confronted by that at the open workouts but decided that he wasn’t taking it.

He brought up Ireland’s dark and tragic history with its bigger and more powerful neighbor across the Irish sea. You can watch the footage below, and the furious response it incited. McGregor’s fans looked absolutely murderous.

Tragic History

Ireland was a colony of the British Empire and had its language irrevocably altered after two million people died and emigrated following The Great Hunger in the 1840s. The country was forced to adapt to the modern world. Irish fans are not feeling too fond of Khabib right now. He said:

“I have question for Ireland? What about your language? Where’s your language? What’s wrong with your language? You guys change it. What about Ireland’s language? You guys tell me. You guys fight with England? Give me answer somebody if you can. It’s very interesting.

These guys talk about great fight with English empire, but his grandfather Christopher McGregor, he worked for the English navy. He killed his people.”

All In

Khabib did not hold back as he went in hard on the Irish fans. This definitely won’t make him any more popular on Saturday night. Of course, it has to be acknowledged that McGregor did start this by bringing up Chechnyan and Dagestani history while targeting the Russian’s father Abdulmanap, who was once again denied a visa to watch his son fight in the US.

The bonus fact about McGregor’s grandfather was actually brilliant. How do you even respond to that? There’s no doubt that we’re seeing an angry Khabib. It remains to be seen if he’s emotionally affected in a negative way like former champions Jose Aldo and Eddie Alvarez were in the past, or if he’s got the mental strength to ride it out.

The fans were not impressed though and chanted: “You s**t on bus” repeatedly,” while shouting at him to get off the stage. Khabib lapped it all up. If he wins, then this will be remembered as a defining moment in his career.


Khabib remains the favorite for this fight, although the odds have decreased. Dana White insists that it will sell over 3 million pay-per-views, although he could be just saying that to make you feel like you should buy it too. It is definitely the biggest MMA fight of all time in terms of mainstream appeal.

A McGregor fight is a major event. McGregor’s return after two years, with the whole arrest and the grudge between him and Khabib, just intensifies everything. The stakes are high. Let’s hope it lives up to our expectations.

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