Yes… This is the Story We All Needed in Our Lives Today… A Liverpool Man Brandished a Dead Pigeon as a Weapon During a Fight in the City Centre… 

We write a lot of these kinds of stories where people do weird things that just don’t make sense at all. But now and again something comes along that even leaves us speechless. Streetfights are almost always messy. We all know that they’ll almost definitely end up on the ground as well.

If you can get your hands on a weapon, then you’re obviously at an advantage. If you’re in a bar, maybe you’ll pick up a bottle or a stool. Makes sense right? Well, what you might not pick up is a dead pigeon lying on the ground. That’s exactly what happened in the video that we’re sharing today.

Some bright spark decided that this was the perfect tool to defend himself with. Enjoy the weird and wacky footage below. It’s definitely a unique scenario.


The whole confusing scene was captured on camera by local bouncer Kwasie Mensah. In an exceptional moment o public service, he decided to make it available on social media, captioning the clip, “Can’t believe he threw a dead pigeon.” That pretty much sums up the situation quite nicely.

This curious fight definitely wasn’t in the same class as Lomachenko v Campbell, but it’s actually probably more memorable. Two gentlemen squared off to each other in Liverpool, a little bit worse for wear after having a few drinks. They got into it and that’s when their fight turned unhygienic.

Mandatory Credit: Youtube.

Street Fight

One of them – a hefty, beer-bellied chap in a pair of cosy Adidas tracksuit bottoms – decided that the best way to deal with his opponent was to lob a dead pigeon at his head. After a bit of a scramble and a few half-hearted swings at each other, Beer-Belly picked the bird up off of the ground and chucked it at the other guy.

Needless to say, the smaller fellow was very surprised. If you want to take the tension out of a situation, then smashing the corpse of a bird at them could well do the trick, because it’s very difficult to take somebody seriously after that. He might want to get a hand transplant though because that’s really not a very hygienic thing to do, is it?

Mandatory Credit: Youtube.


Kwasie Mensah – the camera-wielding bouncer – spoke today about the incident. He explained that his security team would have intervened if the fight had escalated to something more sinister and violent. But as it was, they were happy to stand back, watch and laugh at the ridiculous events that unfolded in front of them. How often do you get to go home and say you saw someone chuck a dead pigeon at someone in a fight?

‘I work as a doorman on a bar called the Celtic Corner, I see stuff like this all the time. ‘The video comes across as quite funny, but it could have took a turn for the worse. Luckily it never. If it did though we definitely would of stepped in.’

Thank you Kwasie, you hero.

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