Soccer hooligans lose control…

The history of soccer hooligans is completely damning to the sport. No matter how much the police clamp down on it, these primitive goons just keep coming back to leave their illicit mark on the sport of soccer (football in the UK).

It’s a shame that people can’t simply go and enjoy a good game of international football anymore without being at risk of violent assaults, gang attacks and occasionally murder or manslaughter.


Today’s story has emerged from the 2016 European championship qualifiers in France. England took on Russia this past weekend in a 1-1 draw on Saturday, also Germany took on Ukraine in a 2-0 win for the Germans.

Unfortunately the biggest headline of the weekend is the brutal violence that spilled out in to the streets before and after the games of soccer in the European cities of Lille and Marseille.


The riots which left hundreds injured and one man in critical condition have sparked fury in the soccer world. The governing body UEFA has threatened to eject England and Russia from the Euro 2016 championships if the violence continues.

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