Unbelievable! This is perhaps the first time in MMA history the Boston Crab or Walls of Jericho submission has been used to finish a fight!!!

Mixed martial arts shares an interesting border with many sports. By nature, MMA is a blend of all styles, each fighter with a different take on their overall mix. Some fighters prefer to strike, others to wrestle or use Brazilin Jiu Jitsu.

One particular brand of sports entertainment that rarely gets dipped into is pro wrestling. Mainly, that’s because most ‘moves’ used in pro wrestling are ineffective in real life combat situations. That said, on occasion, we do see it.

Wild MMA fighter Jonathan Ivey is infamous for using WWE techniques. Once he used the people’s elbow in live combat. We’ve also seen a drop kick used effectively under the Revolution Fight Series banner.

Understandably, these moves rarely lead to an actual submission or knockout finish…until now.

FCC 19 went down this weekend with a crazy result

Walls of Jericho Happened Last Night

Taking place at Full Contact Contender 19 in Bolton, England, FCC 19 has gone viral. It was a great event throughout, but one particular finish has got half a million views overnight.

The bout featured professional welterweights Jonno Mears and Aaron Jones. As you are about to see, the fight ended with a Boston Crab or Walls of Jericho submission by Mears:

That Was F*cking NUTS!

Full Results below:

Main Event: Kevin Fryer vs Alex Minogue
Winner round 1 Kevin Fryer
Co-Main Event: Tony Morgan vs Kenneth Richardson
Winner – unanimous decisions Kenneth Richardson
Pro LHW: Dan Konecke vs Andrew Clamp
Winner – Round 1 RNC Andrew Clamp
Pro LW: Joe Barnett vs Lerone Murphy
Winner – round 1 TKO Lerone Murphy
Pro MW: Ashley Gibson vs Shaun Hampton
Winner – round 1 Shaun Hampton RNC
Pro WW: Simon James vs Tomasz Wojtyna
Winner – round 1 Tomasz Wojtyna KO
Pro WW: Matthew Bonner vs Lukas Pilch
Winner – Matthew Bonner round 3 Rnc
Pro WW: Jonno Mears vs Aaron Jones
Winner- round 1 Jonno Mears submission (walls of Jericho)
Pro WW: Dan Hunter vs Chris Senior
Winner – round 1 RNC Chris Senior

FCC Am LW Title: Ollie Morris vs Ben Stokes
Winner- Ollie Morris round 1 guillotine choke
FCC Am Fly Title: Warren Mason vs Jamie Kelly
Winner- Jamie Kelly round 1 TKO
Featherweight: Chris Price vs Reece Street
Winner – Chris Price round 1 arm bar
Heavyweight: Omar Frederick vs Danyl Griffin
Winner – Danyl Griffin TKO ROUND 1
Featherweight: Munesh Moldavia vs Hossein Ghorbani
Winner- Hossein Ghorbani round 1 RNC
Welterweight: Joshua McNaught vs Kamil Gidaszewski
Winner – Joshua McNaught unanimous decision
Lightweight: Tom Nelson vs David Adams
Winner- round 1 TKO Tom Nelson
Bantamweight: Daniel Maximus vs Chris
Winner – by unanimous decision Chris Whitehead
Welterweight: Wesley O’Neil vs Carl Fletcher
Winner – round 1 by Submission Carl Fletcher
Light Welterweight: Alan Alan vs Ryan Thomas
Winner – round 2 RNC Ryan Thomas
Bantamweight: Bradley Scriven vs Bronson Price
Winner – round 1 arm bar Bronson Price.
Featherweight: James Prior vs Liam Molloy
Winner- round 1 TKO Liam Molloy
Catch weight 73kg: Jacob Dove vs Owen Martin
Winner Jacob dove round 1 Von flue choke.

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