UFC 205, the first ever live MMA event from a major MMA promotion officially sanctioned by the state of New York, drew massive viewership both on pay-per-view and live gate. The epic fight card featured tremendous matchups, which saw the UFC’s elite go head-to-head.

A fighter announced retirement following a heartbreaking loss.

We had a confident warrior talking to UFC President Dana White from inside the Octagon in the middle of an ongoing bout.

And of course, fans witnessed a legend in the making with a historical feat of becoming a simultaneous two-division UFC champion.

The UFC recently released the UFC 205 Thrill & Agony video, which features a behind-the-scenes look at some of the sights and sounds not aired on the live pay-per-view broadcast. Some of the scenes are pretty shocking.

Screenshot from Youtube
Screenshot from Youtube

Khabib Nurmagomedov Celebrates After Beating Michael Johnson

The video first goes into Khabib Nurmagomedov’s comprehensive victory over Michael Johnson.

Khabib’s coach Javier Mendes was interviewed after the fight and revealed that they were worried a little when Khabib went a little outside of the game plan in the early going.

That quickly changed when Khabib adjusted and proceeded to dominate.

“Once we started yelling at him to go back to the wrestling, it was all the way from there,” said Mendes.

Inside the cage, a confident Khabib was shown talking to Dana White in between rounds, asking him for a crack at UFC lightweight title.

Screenshot from Youtube
Screenshot from Youtube

Confident Khabib Talks To Dana White From Inside The Octagon

“You have to give up. I need to fight for the title. You know this. I deserve it. Hey, be careful. I’m gonna smash your boy,” Khabib says to White.

“Just get through this first,” White replied.

It was unclear who Khabib was referring to when he said “I’m gonna smash your boy” but he most probably means McGregor.

The next scene shows Miesha Tate telling boyfriend and cornerman Bryan Caraway that she no longer cares about fighting and wants to quit for good.

“I’m not showing up anymore in here. I don’t care enough. I just don’t have it anymore,” said Tate.

Screenshot from Youtube
Screenshot from Youtube

Miesha Tate Announces Her Retirement From MMA

“You show up in practice,” replied Caraway, obviously trying to convince Tate not to announce her retirement in the cage just yet.

“I just don’t have it anymore. I don’t want to fight anymore Bryan. I don’t want to do this anymore,” Tate added.

Tate then told Joe Rogan in the Octagon that her MMA career was officially over.

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