Heading in to this weekend’s stacked UFC 205 card, there’s just so much on the line. At the first ever event to be held in New York City, legacies, titles and the future of the sport hang in the balance.

Thinking back a few years, mixed martial arts seemed a lifetime from legalization in NYC. Now the Big Apple has opened it’s gates to the UFC and other promotions, the Madison Square Garden PPV will prove pivotal.


McGregor vs. Alvarez

Leading the charge in to New York will be Eddie Alvarez and Conor McGregor. The two fierce rivals will do battle for the 155-pound title this Saturday. Talking a lot in the time leading up to fight week, the two have done a great job of making noise.

All eyes are on the main event, especially because ‘The Notorious’ is now a worldwide star. Growing in notoriety by the minute, the Irish bad boy is recognized everywhere he goes. One Ne York police officer got a bit gooey when meeting the featherweight champ on the beat this week.

Watch Conor McGregor reduce this NYPD cop to an emotional mess during fight week:

YouTube video

“Apart from giving birth to my kids, this is one of the greatest days of my life. I’m still weak at the knees.”

Standing on the brink of breaking a nearly unthinkable record, McGregor’s legacy could be huge after UFC 205. If the Irishman beats Eddie Alvarez, he will become the first champ of two divisions at once.

Obviously that’s a huge ‘if,’ given the fact the power punching ‘Silent Assassin’ stands in his way. Looking to rain on the Irish parade, Alvarez recently revealee he’ll be looking to grapple and submit Conor McGregor at UFC 205.

McGregor Alvarez 3


“I think I’m going to land that big shot,” he said on the New York Knicks basketball court at Madison Square Garden. “I think this guy’s worried about a lot of grappling and a lot of wrestling. I think where it’s going to end up, when his mind’s on that I’m going to land that big shot and then I’m going to submit him.”

“Hey, I’m blessed,” he said. “Whether you’ve got a red, white and orange flag, it don’t matter what you go. You’re here and I appreciate you guys.”

“Magic, pure magic,” he said. “Look, I fought 13 years to put my life to put myself on this stage, in front of the biggest crowd, and I am super-excited to go out there and do something violent, and do something high-paced.”

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