We’re Living in a Nick Diaz Wonderland… The Stockton Fighter Has Gone Off on a Bizarre, Incoherent Rant on Instagram… Watch Some of the Footage Below…

Nick Diaz deserves his own nature programme. We don’t mean that he should be the host, no way. The elder of the Diaz brothers needs to be studied and examined because some of the videos he’s been releasing lately have been completely bizarre and incomprehensible.

Diaz was supposed to make his return early next year – after a lengthy hiatus of almost four years – against Jorge Masvidal at UFC 235 in March. The company president Dana White confirmed that the deal was made, but it turned out that’s not the case, and Diaz openly flirted with Bellator on social media.

Now new footage has emerged of him mumbling incomprehensibly at a pool party. We can only assume that he’s ‘intoxicated’ as Georges St. Pierre would say. Merry Christmas from ScrapDigest everybody… Here’s a bit of Nick doing what he does best.

Mumble Mumble

The Diaz brothers might be awesome but they definitely can’t be accused of being the most coherent speakers. If you can make sense of the video above from beginning to end, then you probably deserve some sort of prize. We can only assume that he’s talking about the Masvidal situation or else responding to Tyron Woodley. It’s a little bit unclear.

“First of all everybody knows. I ain’t got nothing negative to say. You know what everybody knows, why you trying to have some kind of things, ain’t no things.”

He goes on rambling for the next couple of segments. It’s like watching a contemporary version of James Joyce’s Ulysses on Instagram live. We could be looking back at this in a few years and calling it art. Incredible stuff.

Nick Diaz. Mandatory Credit: Kelvin Kuo, USA TODAY Sports.


Diaz goes on to say ‘ain’t no disrespect,’ which is something the Diaz brothers aren’t very good at. They’ve built careers out of disrespecting their opponents, from trash-talking to Stockton slapping, it’s part of their identity. The whole chip on the shoulder, us against the world mentality. It’s a big part of why they got such a big cult following.

However, towards the end of the video Diaz seems to be slightly soberer. He directly targets Jorge Masvidal, as he says:

“Jorge you know what the f**k you looking at, but you dumb. You tryna tell me something to make yourself feel better?”



Somebody needs to take one for the team and make sure that the Diaz brothers subtitle their videos in the future. As funny as this is, it’s also a little sad to watch, because Diaz is one of the most badass fighters to ever step in a cage. It doesn’t matter whether he won or lost, he still gave it everything and had no fear.

Now he just seems to permanently be a drunken mess. Is he even training for a return to action? We don’t really know, but he definitely seems to be a long way away from coming back. Don’t get excited just yet, folks.

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