MMA journalists around the world went down on their knees last week to thank Jon Jones for creating a little bit of drama. You can always rely on him to do something crazy and, boy, did he deliver. The UFC light-heavyweight champion was arrested on charges of aggravated DUI and negligent use of a firearm.

He has already agreed to a plea deal. However, the UFC remained totally silent about it as Dana White focused his energy on finding a location for UFC 249. But it was still a totally typical Jones scenario. Now the full footage of his arrest has been released by Albuquerque police.

Albuquerque police have had dealings with Jones before. They make it very clear that they’re staying live on their bodycams because of their past interactions with him. This means that if he alleges any mistreatment or bias, they’ve got the video footage to support them. In short, it keeps everybody safe.

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Police responded to a gunshot in Albuquerque in the early hours. After pulling Jones over, you could hear the despair in the officer’s voice when he sees who it is. They seize the bottle of tequila he’s been drinking and call backup from the traffic unit. When he arrives, he puts Jones through a series of tests.

In the officer’s words: “he did badly on all of them.” Furthermore, at the beginning of their interview, they asked him he he knows about the gunshot. Jones denies knowledge but then they find a Glock under his seat anyway. Oh, and there’s a shell casing outside the door of the car.

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What’s clear is the department’s familiarity with Jones. Both the first investigating officer and the supporting traffic cop make it clear that their bodycams are live. In short, they don’t want anything to bounce back on them because let’s be real. Jones can afford expensive lawyers.

When they finally find the gun, the officer says, ‘Oh jeez.’ Later he admonishes Jones when processing him. He says that even if he fired it up into the air it’s still dangerous because you don’t know where the shot will land. Considering the vomit they found in the car, this message probably didn’t sink in.

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Jones would plead guilty to the DWI charge in exchange for “96 hours in a community custody program”. Essentially, he got house arrest during quarantine.  They also hit him with a $500 fine, and 48-hours community service. Jones must also complete a 90-day outpatient therapy program. However, his longterm rival, Daniel Cormier thinks it’s not enough. DC told ESPN:

“I just think he still will need something to really almost punch him in the stomach, because I don’t know if this is going to be it, if I’m being honest. “I just don’t know if this will be it, I just don’t know if this is going to be it.

“This is not me hoping he would get sent to jail. I just don’t think this punishment is going to be enough to stop him from doing those type of things again. Ultimately, there will be something else. Sadly, there will be something else. It’s just not enough.”

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