Check Out This Ridiculous Style v Style Match-Up… A Chinese Taekwondo Black Belt Beats up a Kung Fu Master on the Same Card as MMA Fighter Mad Dog… Enjoy!

China is a hotbed of martial arts. For thousands of years, different styles have developed in the mystical eastern nation, and some of the most iconic fighters and martial artists of all time have also emerged. However, amongst all the genuine teachers of martial arts, there are at least as many frauds.

Xu Xiadong AKA Mad Dog has made it his business to out these fake ‘masters’. Now one of the MMA fighter’s former victims – a self-styled ‘Kung Fu Master’ called Tian Ye has fought again. This time the 56-year old took on a Taekwondo black belt named Zhang Long, who looked significantly younger than him.

Ye didn’t have much more luck against Long than he did against ‘Mad Dog’ – who incidentally beat up another Tai Chi master in the main event. Check out this one-sided fight below.

YouTube video


As you can Ye literally offers nothing against Long. Why he thought it was a good idea to get in a ring against a man much younger and more flexible, we have no idea. The stripes down the sides of Long’s ‘dobok’ (the Korean equivalent of a Karate gi) indicate that he is at least a 4th dan in ITF style Taekwondo. Unlike other martial arts, it is systematic, so the requirements to grade are pretty much identical worldwide.

ITF differs from the Olympic style WTF in many ways. The former allows punches to the head and eschews the body armour that WTF fighters wear. It’s sparring is basically like a more dynamic and kick-focused version of point sparring. Usually, Taekwondo athletes will struggle against fighters who are good with their hands and get inside.

YouTube video

Late Punch

Long might not be a world-class athlete, but against this 56-year-old delusional ‘kung-fu master,’ he really doesn’t need to be. He kicks the older guy in the head at will. The fight isn’t particularly entertaining and at one point the video pans to a bored cameraman. Long laughs at his opponent at various points. There’s no respect between them.

The only damage he takes is a very sly and dirty punch that Ye throws after the bell goes between rounds. It’s a deceitful piece of gamesmanship from the veteran so-called ‘martial artist.’ Thankfully the old guy went on to lose.

YouTube video


China is going through a spate of these style v style fights at the moment. In the main event, Xu Xiadong battered a Tai Chi master. He dropped the guy four times. Finally, the referee intervened as ‘Mad Dog’ was pulverising the older, much lighter gentleman.

These ridiculous match-ups show no sign of slowing down. Somebody is going to get very badly hurt by one of these legitimate martial artists and MMA fighters. But hey they make entertaining videos so we’re not going to complain about it. How can you be that delusional about your own abilities though?

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